I am a multidisciplinary creative director with extensive experience in branding, print, packaging, illustration, UI and product development.


I have worked with a diversity of companies across the globe like Paul Mitchell, Mattel, P&G, Staples, Puffs, Nickelodeon, Zumba, Bounty, among others.


A native of Brazil, I combine the influences of my nation's lush tropical-ness-and-mess with the organic modernity of the many metropolises I have visited and the progressive, utopian visions of places like Burning Man.


I am constantly seeking inspiration, whether it is in nature, movies, runways, architecture, museums, on the web or on my travels.


I am conscious of the responsibility that comes with promoting brands. Today I prioritize working with conscious brands that spread goodness to the world.


In the rare occasions that I am not in front of the computer, you may find me running with my dog, writing, doing yoga, caving, hiking or practising my apnea skills.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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