Beautiful Destinations

Beautiful Destinations is the world’s largest tourism community on social media, revealing what lies at the heart of a specific destination, its culture and its people. Through their lens, the adventure will be told all throughout the home. Curated products will represent the textures and subtle notes that bring buyers back to the nostalgic moment where it came from.

A home is an amalgamation of everything that makes you, you. A creative space that reflects what has made your adventures unique.

Consumer Persona

A deep dive on the current audience, the market landscape, trends forecast on the home space and detailed breakdown on consumer personas, lifestyle and behaviors.

Color Palette

Utah, United States

True getaway. Nature/ being outdoors. Native American crafts. Contrast betweent light & shadow. Undone/ Unfinished. Earthy, neutral colors. Simplicity.

Trancoso, Brazil

Sea breeze. Opened windows. Outdoor + Indoor. Village feel. Repurposed wood. Indigo dies. Casual/ bohemian/ rustic. Charming and historical.

Marrakech, Morocco

Lounging. Close to the floor. Handmade. Arches. Inlay. Mother of pearl. Magical/ exotic.

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